Without a doubt, one of the highlights of my childhood was getting our photographs developed after a family holiday or occasion. I loved looking through the booklets filled with photographs and helping (or probably hindering) my mum, write the date and who was in the photo on the back. I often look at these photographs now, laughing at pictures of my brother and me growing from babies to little people and how fashions and hair styles have changed. Being able to hold those memories in my hands is a precious thing!

Plugging in a hard drive, booting up a CD or looking through a Facebook album will never bring the same joy as flicking through those old printed family photographs.
I’ve found that customers now a days will often ask for a disk of all the images from their session, with the intention to be able to sit down and look through these photographs at a later date. Now I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, of course you might want a few images to store on your computer, but I always urge families to look at printed options as well. Here are 5 reasons to print your photographs:

1. Technology! One day your computer will no longer be able to read those old CDs you have. Did you know that computers today aren’t even being made with disk drives anymore? What happens if you forget to back up your photographs and the device you have them stored on fails? All those memories are lost forever. We often hear stories from people that come into the studio, where their camera cards have become corrupt or their phones have wiped the memory and they’ve lost all their photographs. If you’ve printed these photographs, you have a hard copy and a digital copy, so your photographs will be safe.

2. The everyday moments matter. Your children are going to want to see the hair styles you had, the clothes you wore and the house you lived in before they were born and when they were little. Things change quickly, so don’t under estimate how important it is to capture certain moments. The new mums and dads that come to the studio for their newborn sessions normally cringe when I suggest the idea of having their photograph taken with their new baby. That same photograph quite often becomes their favourite and most cherished image from the session, and something they want printing to display on their wall. Whether it was a canvas or a large framed print, what a special thing to keep and for the child to have when they have grown up.

3. Printed photographs bring life to your home. How often do you see digital photos on display in someone’s home? Printed photographs tell the story of you and your family and there is nothing better than displaying your favourite memories on the wall, rather than scrolling through them all on your phone or computer. Most of the families we have through our studio tell me that their printed, mounted and framed photographs are still hanging in their homes years after their session, because they still look stunning. And if you do fancy a change, simply swap the frame they are hanging in!

4. You can add notes to your printed photographs. I know the majority of our old family photographs have got when, where and how old we were when the photograph was taken, written on the back by my mum. The thousands of photographs stored on your computer lack that personal touch.

5. Do you want your legacy to be a box of dusty old CDs and USBs that your children, and their children, probably won’t even be able to access? A treasured box of old printed photographs will more than likely be kept and passed down the generations, but old digital storage devices will more than likely find themselves on the recycling pile.
Photographs of you and your family should be treasured and proudly displayed, not kept hidden on some digital device at the bottom of a drawer. Whether you want smaller photos to display in little frames, or huge pieces of wall art, printing them is the most affordable way of decorating your home and you won’t regret it in the years to come.