We all know those cute poses that you see of newborn babies. Hands and feet all tucked in or baby’s head resting on their hands, but what most people don’t know is a lot of those images are composites for baby’s safety. Composite shots are where two or more photographs are taken, with parents or the photographer’s assistant supporting the baby in different ways. These photographs are then edited together to create the finished image. The supporting hands are edited out in the process, so it looks like baby is sitting comfortably in the pose by themselves. Safety of the baby is every newborn photographer’s top priority.

Another photograph I get asked about a lot is baby in mum and dad’s hands. These photographs are normally in black and white and looks like baby is floating or being held up in the air.
While this is how it looks, the reality is that the newborn never moves from the bean bag and is being supported at all times.

In the photograph below, mum and dad were sat on either side of the bean bag. They then tucked their hands underneath baby; mum supporting under her neck, head and shoulders and dad supporting her bum and keeping her feet tucked in. This was all done on a black throw, clipped over the beanbag. It was then edited to remove the folds of the throw and give the impression that baby is floating, while just being supported by mum and dad’s hands.




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