A blog to show you how our nursery photography bookings work, from the booking process, to the day we schedule for the photography and through to getting the children’s images to the nursery and parents/guardians as soon as possible.

The booking
First of all, we only take one nursery photography booking a day. This enables us to spend as long as is needed at the nursery and focus on each individual child, to ensure they are comfortable around us and ultimately, we get that lovely smile caught on camera! We will find a day that is suitable for both parties and book this in our diary along with times that have been agreed. That’s it – all booked and ready for photography day!

Nursery Photography Day
We bring with us a small, mobile portrait studio, which means we can get brilliant and professional lighting for nursery portraits. This is set up inside the nursery (location discussed during the booking process) but don’t worry, we’ve successfully set up our studio in the broom closet before so we’ll make it work! All we ask is that you have a list of all the children’s names in the nursery for when we arrive.  This helps us to tick off who we’ve photographed already and keep their image number with their name for when we print the proof cards (and also stops us making spelling mistakes!!)

If there is a natural break in the day where the children are taking a nap or having dinner, this is when we can start printing the proof cards for the children that have already been photographed. Our proof cards include the child’s image and the packages that we provide.

Nursery Photographers Warrington

End of the day
Once we have photographed everyone who wanted to be photographed, we make sure all the proof cards have been printed. Each child’s proof card is then presented to the nursery in an envelope, accompanied by a cover letter that explains to parents/guardians how they go about ordering their little one’s photograph if they want too. The letter asks that if parents/guardians would like to purchase a package to return the proof card, with payment included, in the envelope provided no later than the date given. This is normally around 10 days after the shoot has taken place, unless another date has been agreed.

Getting your photographs
We will visit the nursery on the date given on the letter, to collect all the envelopes that have been returned. All the packages will be printed and brought back to the nursery, around a week later, to be given out to the parents/guardians.
For those that missed the date to return their envelopes to the nursery, they can still have their package printed, they just need to get in touch with us at the studio and we will sort their order out for them.

If you run a nursery and are interested in our nursery photography service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you and see how we can help!
Just pop over to our contact us page.